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What are the most important terms of service if I want to use WastePlace?

  1. All bids must be an all-in rate. You can add any fixed fees that you want, but the total has to equal the bid amount that you submitted to the customer. 
  2. For recurring services, haulers are only allowed to price increase their customers once a year on the contract anniversary date.
  3. You must communicate through the WastePlace platform via the chat feature.
  4. For recurring services, all increases and decreases in services must be communicated through WastePlace.
  5. All marketing to WastePlace customers must be done through the platform. Any direct marketing to our customers outside our platform is a direct violation of our terms and conditions.
  6. WastePlace reserves the right to cancel a recurring service for non-payment after 30 days. WastePlace is still liable to pay the hauler for that 30 days of service.
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