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How to add a user to a scheduled job

Adding a user to a scheduled job will give them the ability to chat with haulers and manage the job. Users can only be added to a scheduled job after they've been added to your organization. Click here to learn how to add a user to your organization. 

Follow these steps to add a user to a scheduled job:

  1. While logged in, go to your Dashboard. 
  2. Find a job that has already been scheduled and click "View Job Details". 
  3. While on the job details/chat page for that job, you'll notice 3 icons in the bottom left corner. Click the icon that looks like this:  Screen_Shot_2021-10-25_at_11.05.57_AM.png
  4. After you click the icon, a popup will appear. On this popup is a dropdown that will have every person added to your organization. Select the person you'd like to add to the scheduled job, then hit "Add User". 
  5. The person added can now chat with the hauler and manage the job. 


Keep in mind that anyone added to your organization will not be able to create new jobs, accept bids, or complete the checkout of a scheduled job. A user’s email address can only be added to one organization at a time, but can be added to multiple scheduled jobs. 

We know that's a bit confusing (we're working on improving this system)m so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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